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The Subaru Impreza is designed as a performance car. It has built-in features to the frame , engine, and suspension to allow for modifications to transform it into a full out race car.  Designers kept in mind what would the Subaru racing engineers need this car to be,  to win championships with the car that comes off the plant line.

This is a very modifiable car. The basic difference between this    and this   is modifications. With just a bolt on turbo/supercharger and exhaust, most mid range 'performance' compact cars  gain about 20 to 30 percent in increase of  power. The Impreza will easily and safely double it's original power out put with the same upgrade. And this is one of the many reasons the Impreza engines have been dubbed 'Bulletproof' by engineers and professional engine tuners.


Here are some tid-bits to help get that showroom Impreza a bit closer a screaming race grade Impreza.


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Cusco shifter bushing install

Suspension setup chart

Muffler/Exhaust sytems

HOT NEW Blue instrument panel illumination, sweet and cheap!!




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