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Chagning the exhaust system/muffler.

Exhaust currently highlighted: Strömung - Scooby Sport - Rallispec


Changing your Impreza exhaust system will give you around a 2hp to 6hp gain. But changing just the muffler will give little to no gain. There are more advantages to changing your exhaust system or muffler that HP gains. You're car will have a sound that make you feel warm and fuzzy when idling next to "rice boy" car that sound like a rabbit being circumcised. Also you'll hear better what the engine is doing and what RMP range you're in when you need to shift.

Here are a few of the more popular exhaust for the Impreza. Listed below are the suppliers web pages, cost, and the SOUND files :) of the mufflers (winzip’ed MP3,Wav & RAM files)


RS003 Impreza Competition 2.5" Cat-back System (w/ resonator) \$599
RS003A Impreza Competition 2.5" Cat-back System (W/O resonator) \$580
RS003A Impreza Fast-road 2.25" Cat-back System \$580
Resonators are included with the above 2.25" exhausts.
Exhausts feature:
stainless tubing TIG welds - mandrel bends - machined stainless steel flanges - quick disconnect tube couplings on some systems - straight-through stainless silencers w/ removable sound baffles
"... scored 10 out of a possible 10. On the road, …boost pressure rose an additional 2 psi at the same wastegate setting!." -Sport Compact Car May 2000

Click here to listen Rallispec muffler

Scooby Sport
Rear silencer in stainless steel for 2.5 RS (US spec) £275.00 (\$400 US)
Exhausts feature:
With increased performance, noise levels inside the car are barely changed, but outside, the car has a deep, off beat sound. Sound is contained within a road and circuit legal 89dB noise level.

Click here to listen Scooby Sport muffler

Strömung Muffler (dual & Single Tip)
EXS101 Strömung Single Tip Legacy 80mm bolt-on muffler (deep mellow tone) \$339
EXS201 Strömung Single Tip Impreza 80mm bolt-on muffler (deep sport sound) \$339
EXS202 Strömung Dual Tip Impreza 2x60 (deep, mellow tone) \$348
Exhausts feature:
Dual Tip has the same flow as a single 4" outlet, also fits shape of opening in bumper.
Strömung dual tests dyno at 6hp.
Strömung, has both single and dual tip for the Impreza and a full fitting single tip Legacy GT muffler. Includes a 24-month warranty. With the nice boxer sound, yet quite cruising down the road.

Click here to listen Strömung muffler







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