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2000 2.5L RS SOHC Silverthorn  2Door Coupe

Stock engine           Stock suspension           Removed silencer         Clear side markers    DIY clear front markers  DIY fog lamp mod      DIY grill badge       Colored hood grills  Colored calipers        

Currently racing in as many local Autocrosses as possible.

Sponsored by:  Wife & leftover lunchmoney


" Reiflex "

TY TrunkMonkey



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Model Modifications Driver Notes
1998 2.5L RS      DOHC Black       4Door Sedan Stock N/A Engine          DMS Racing Suspesion  Rollcage                        Weigh reductions           Rally Racing Electronics Driver: Pat Richards               Currently holds the SCCA Pro Rally Production GT Driver's Championship & SCCA Production GT Manufacturer's titles

Sponcers: DMS Shock Absorbers, Specialty Subaru, SPD Tuning, and Dragon Eyewear

" Pat "  - Rocket Racing

No TrunkMonkey needed.



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Model Modifications Driver Notes
1998 2.5L Legacy    DOHC Black            4Door Sedan Currently races in local Rally Crosses and has accevied top finishes in a few local autocrosses.

" Subie Gal "

HiTech TrunkAlien




more drivers to come ...


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What events or type of racing you do.

Racing accomplishments or goals, And sponsors, if any..







Model Modifications Driver Notes







Model Modifications Driver Notes




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