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OK, I haven't gotten a video decoder yet. But, to keep you busy, here are some nice video's I've found around the net. I have loads of great vidoes but can't post them due to the 512K size limit per file.

WRC doing DONUTS! (108,573 bytes) Heel Toe shifting twice  from 4th gear to 3rd & to 2nd WRX hiting S turn Apexes(316,386 bytes)


4Wheel drifting 22B ,blowing by A WRX Wagon in turn  (424,003 bytes) quick correction inputs after getting too much oversteer (426,086 bytes)



ESP sample files for Decals and Stickers I've made

Here are the 3 different versions. They all are available in both right & left orientation

EJ_left_1.jpg (44,853 bytes) EJ_right_plain.jpg  (54,519 bytes)

WRC Gauges.jpg (65,069 bytes)



I had to altered the Nu School fonts to have more of the 'IMPREZA' look. I will have to make a more perfect on from scratch.

Nu Font.jpg (2881 bytes)


All though Conielian Jet font is in italic, it's the closest I've found  to match the 'SUBARU' look fonts .

jet font.jpg (2325 bytes)







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