Colored instrument panel change install

Table of Contents

*   What things to know…?

*   What Parts do I need?

*   1. How to removing outer shroud?

*   2. How to removing screws for inst. panel area?

*   3. How to separate inst. Panel area?

*   4a & 4. How to removing inst.unit & installing color film?


Things to know?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being changing shifter knob & 10 being transmission swap) this modification is a 2 and 100% reversible. If you can take out 5 screws, unplug car stereo plugs, and slip a business card behind a credit car in you wallet then you should have no problem with this. This modification is 100% reversible. If done correctly this will not damage or interfere with you instruments needle movements. The colored sheet was created using a template that is cut and fits perfectly for a MY00 Impreza 2.5RS white instrument gauge unit.


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Parts needed for install

  1. Colored film.  If you can’t or don’t have the time to make one, it can be purchased at ImprezaRacing’s web page ( look in the modification page)
  2. Medium or small Phillips screwdriver.
  3. 10-20mins.


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Step 1: removing the outer instrument shroud.

  1. Remove the two top screws.  The shroud is no being held in place by two clips located on the bottom left and bottom right behind the wiper & blinker levers.
  2. Grasp the bottom of the shroud and firmly pull toward it toward the direction of the steering wheel.


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Step 2: remove the instrument panel, window, & inter shroud screws.

  1. The interment panel unit, clear window, and the inner-shroud are all held in place by three screws.
  2. Unscrew and remove them. They are located at the bottom of both the right & left side and on in on the top center.


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Step 3: Separate the instrument panel, window, & inter shroud

  1. Each of these parts have several tabs on each of them that attach itself to the next part (like stacked legos)
  2. Push in the ends of these tabs to remove the individual parts to get to the instrument panel unit.


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Step 4a (optional): Remove the instrument panel unit

  1. This step is optional but NOT necessary. Removing the instrument panel unit only makes it much easer to maneuver  & slip the color film into place.
  2. IMPORTANT! Disconnect the battery of the car FIRST before removing the unit and connect it back up AFTER the unit if plugged back in, to reduce the risk of damaging, shorting the circuits or chips on the unit. Removing the unit will not reset the ODO or change it’s current readings. :P
  3. There are 3 green wire harnesses (plugs) that clip onto the top of the unit. They are located on the right, center, and left areas of the unit. To remove these harnesses push in the ‘push-in’ clip button that is facing the front (facing the steering wheel) side of the harness and then pull out.  Each harness can only fit in there own respective plugs.


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Step 4: Insert color film

  1. Slip the film directly between the plastic face gauge sheet (it is the thickness of a credit card) and the raised clear plastic platform that supports the face gauge sheet. For the colored film to fit correctly, the sheet must be turned on the correct side. The top center area should fit flush with the top center block like area of the instrument panel.
  2. Slip in the colored film for the Fuel & Temp gauges in the same manner.
  3. There are adjustment tabs to help you do final adjustments of the position of the color film or to remove it.
  4. It is OK if you moderately lift small portions of the face gauge sheet (the part that has writing on it) to help slip in and adjust the color sheets. But do not bend the gauge sheet TOO much as it can lead to a permanently crease or bend in it.


Re-install everything back in reverse order of removal & and enjoy your colored instrument panel lights!!!





*** disclaimer ***

I assume no responsibility for any and all damages during or after the installation process to properties or person(s) accrued and or acquired related or not related to this modification. This modification should be very simple for the average mechanically incline person, if you are not one of these types of people, I suggest you not do this modification and stay away from any power tools, DO NOT run with scissors, walk your bicycle across streets, blah, blah, blah.



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Last revised: 11-16-00