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Racing Theory 101 - Braking and Accelerating


  Breaking and accelerating is a vital element in car control. Applying different pressures and or at different times of both the bake or the throttle will render wide range of effects on the car.  In general  they are used  to get the car accelerated or slowed to the proper speed range the car needs to perform a desired affect. When going to full braking or acceleration,
refrain from slamming the pedal to the floor mat as fast as possible. This will abruptly upset the weight distribution making it harder to control your car.
Fast application from 0 pressure to full pressure should not be obtained faster that 0.5 to 0.75 sec. The thought to keep in mind, is to quickly squeeze it all the way to the floor.  Full braking of Imprezas should not go beyond engaging the ABS. If you have do not have ABS or have disengaged it you should keep your braking  under the limit of  wheel lock-up. Having stronger upgrade bakes postpone bake fading under hard and repetitive use and allow later braking points

  From a standing start wheel spin is minimal for AWD. This will give you an ability to go full throttle sooner that the Impreza's  FWD or RWD counterparts. The wheels of a AWD car will start using the available HP to move the car forward instead of spinning the wheels.
The AWD acceleration advantage comes in the from of quicker starts during drag racing applications, and the ability to use  earlier acceleration points out of turns.








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