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Racing Theory 101 - The "Line"


  Taking the proper line is one of the key elements in autosports.  What line you take will vary with the course, the car, and the driver's level of skill.  The ultimate goal of using the line ,as with any goal in racing, is to get the car around the track in the lest amount of time, regardless of were on the track the car has to travel to get this ideal time.   When racing in a straight line little skill is required. Just stand on the throttle and hold the steering wheel.  Now, the track starts to turn.  This is were the line and your skill in keeping the highest speed possible on that line become the crucial factor in determining who gets 1st and who is last in the race.

A typical line for a left 180 deg. turn is broken down into the following:

Turn-entry: (0 deg.) Enter form the far right side of track turn the wheel, a little before the actual turn starts.
Apex:         (90 deg.) Aim the car to toward the top most inside track edge.
Turn-out:    (180 deg) After passing the apex aim the car toward the left outer edge, to a point just after the tun exit.
This type of turning make your actual turning diameter greater the track's maximum turn diameter. In other words,  you are "straitening out " the turn. This allows you to have a higher rate of speed when entering the turn, in the turn itself, and most importantly having a higher starting speed come out of the turn going into a strait.







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